Computer  Services

Computer Hardware Setup

  • Unpacking, inventory, and inspection of components
  • Setup of 1 device and its peripherals
  • System boot up and initial configuration
  • Operational instruction and overview


Computer Software Configuration

  • Setting your computer’s tools to your preference
  • Tuning-up computer for speed and performance
  • Configuring settings for higher security
  • Review of settings and modifications

Computer Tune-Up

  • Removing unnecessary or harmful software
  • Configuring automatic operating system updates
  • Scheduling automatic maintenance processes
  • Review of settings and modifications made

Computer Virus and Spyware Removal

  • Diagnosing and troubleshooting the issue
  • Installing up-to-date antivirus software
  • Configuring system for automatic software updates
  • Review of settings and modifications made

Data Backup to External Drive Setup

Hard Drive
Hard Drive
  • Setting up a scheduled backup for your computer
  • Backup to customer-provided drive or cloud
  • Identification of critical files that need backup
  • Walkthrough of backup schedule and configuration




Data Recovery from Computer or Disk Drive

  • Assessing physical operation of hard drive
  • Extracting any existing data to external disk 
  • Reformatting existing drive if reusable 
  • Ensuring your data’s privacy at all times

Wireless Home Network Setup

  • Installing customer-supplied router
  • Password protecting your network 
  • Connecting up to four internet-ready devices 
  • Providing use and troubleshooting instructions

Printer Setup

  • Configuring one customer-supplied PC printer   

  • Installing customer-supplied ink or toner
  • Installing and configuring printer software
  • Unit test and operational overview

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